David Raymond


David Raymond is a retired Army officer with a background in both cybersecurity operations and education. He has a B.S. in Computer Science from West Point, a Masters in C.S. from Duke University, and a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from Virginia Tech, as well as CISSP and other security certifications. He currently serves as the interim Associate Vice President for Advanced Research Computing at Virginia Tech.

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Nithiwat Kampanya headshot

Nithiwat Kampanya

Senior Software Development Manager

Nithiwat is a passionate, hands-on software development manager who enjoys building a winning team that delivers quality software, while still having fun doing it. Before joining the cyber range, he previously worked as a software architect at Rackspace. He earned his Master’s degree in Computer Science from Virginia Tech, certified as a Software Architect Professional by Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, and certified as an AWS Solution Architect Professional by AWS.

Gregory Niebanck Headshot

Gregory Niebanck

Senior Software Developer

Greg is a language-agnostic, full-stack developer with degrees from Virginia Tech and Oregon State. He combines his strengths in relationship building and strategic thinking to create robust software while cultivating team-oriented office culture.

Lee Doughty headshot

Lee Doughty

Senior Cloud Systems Engineer

Lee is one of the many jack-of-all-trades at the Cyber Range; he is primarily responsible for ensuring the exercise area remains up-and-running! He enjoys working with the “whole picture” of IT: from operating systems, to infrastructure, to applications, and code. Lee has a Bachelor’s in Applied Information Technology from George Mason University, and a Masters in Information Technology from Virginia Tech.

Dom Borkowski headshot

Dom Borkowski

Linux Systems Engineer

Dom is involved with the creation and operation of systems responsible for exercise images. Before joining the Cyber Range, he was a Systems Architect for a research institute, working with enterprise, HPC, and end-user computing solutions. Dom earned his Master of Information Technology degree from Virginia Tech.

Julez Slomin headshot

Julez Slomin

SysOps Engineer

A ball of energy and oddity, Julez brings her diverse background to the Range as a member of the Ops team. You can catch her hooping or doing partner acrobatics when she’s not behind the screen.

Nick Gazzillo

Nick Gazzillo

Software Developer II

Nick is a creative and open minded full stack developer with a passion for web development. With an Industrial Design degree from Virginia Tech, he offers his diverse skill-set and foresight to help grow the Range. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time outdoors, climbing, and baking.

Sean McDonald headshot

Sean McDonald-Ramos

Software Developer

Sean loves learning new skills and solving interesting problems. He’s currently working on a Master’s in Computer Science to build on his skills as a Software Developer. In his free time, you’ll find Sean taking care of his many houseplants and exploring new recipes in the kitchen.
Rhiannon Kenny

Rhiannon Kenny

IT Customer Support Specialist

Rhiannon serves as an IT Customer Support Specialist at the Cyber Range where she enjoys building connections with instructors while assisting them. Outside of work, you can find her either in nature, cooking, or looking after her houseplants.

Abby Gooch

Abby Gooch

IT Customer Support Intern

Abby is a junior at Virginia Tech majoring in advertising. As a customer support intern, she combines her passion for communication with hands-on experience in the cyber-security domain.

Thomas Weeks headshot

Thomas Weeks

Consulting Engineer

Tweeks is a Consulting Engineer at the Cyber range, is a seasoned RHCE / Linux Sys-Admin author, and has 25 years of deep Linux/Networking industry experience. He helps other Cyber Range exercise authors get their content working in the range, helps create new Range OS images.. and in his community helps lead the RBTC regional Cyber Security forum and teach kids C++ and robotics programming.

Harun Adiyaman

CTF Author

Harun is a Sophomore at Virginia Tech studying Computer Engineering with a concentration on Networking and Cybersecurity. Before transferring from George Mason University, he was introduced to CTF’s at GMU’s Competitive Cyber Club with NCL. His favorite CTF challenges to solve include Crypto, Web, Attack/Def.

Paisley Code

Paisley Code

CTF Author

Paisley Code is a Masters student at Virginia Tech studying Computer Science with a focus on cybersecurity. For her undergraduate degree, she went to the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, and was part of the school’s cybersecurity team.


Angela Smith

Lead Courseware Coordinator

Angela Smith is the Lead Content Coordinator at the Cyber Range. She comes to Virginia Tech from Ohio where she received both her B.A. in Justice Studies and her B.S. in Technology 2+2 with an emphasis on Security from Kent State University.


Victoria Ratcliffe

Business Operation Manager

Vicky joined Virginia Tech in 2005 assuming a leadership role developing a university wide research administration education program while promoting numerous compliance and training initiatives. She came to Virginia Tech after serving in law enforcement and crime prevention field for 9 years. She holds a Bachelor’s in Psychology and holds two Master’s degrees one in Business and one in Education. 

Maureen Lawrence-Kuether headshot

Maureen Lawrence-Kuether

Communications & Development Manager

Maureen leads the marketing and outreach efforts for the Cyber Range. As the unofficial Chief Morale Officer, Maureen strives to make the Cyber Range a fun and rewarding workplace with activities like office game days and social gatherings. She is a two time Virginia Tech graduate with a B.A. in English and M.A. in Communication.

Rachel Morgante-Richmeier

Rachel Morgante-Richmeier

Customer Relations Coordinator

Rachel is a proud VT Hokie and AmeriCorps Alumni! She has experience as a past Colorado and Virginia Career and Technical Education H.S. Teacher. She has worked in education as an instructor, advisor, administrator, coach, and advocate on all levels. She began her education at S.U.N.Y. Cobleskill in New York. She has an M.S. in Education from Virginia Tech and post-Masters work in educational leadership, research, assessment, learning design, and evaluation.

Ellen Crowder Headshot

Ellen Crowder

Administrative & Financial Assistant

Ellen Crowder is an enthusiastic local caver who is responsible for the day to day operations of the Cyber Range. She has a B.S. in Biology from Virginia Tech and has worked in the fields of non profit management, cave and karst conservation, and Australian cotton.

Danielle Mason

Danielle Mason

Graphic Design Intern

Danielle is studying Industrial Design at Virginia Tech. She has minors in Strategic Communication and Landscape Architecture. Danielle is interested in UI/UX Design, and has been doing Graphic Design ever since high school. She loves to bake and cook in her free time, and she loves a good pun!

Peyton Dofflemyer

Peyton Dofflemyer

Graphic Design Intern

Peyton is majoring in Graphic Design at Virginia Tech. She loves working with Adobe Illustrator, drawing, and making vector art! She strives to bring creativity into every aspect of her life. Peyton also plays video games in her free time and loves hedgehogs!

Julia Miller

Julia Miller

Business Development Intern

Julia is a Junior at Virginia Tech studying Cybersecurity Management & Analytics with a minor in National Security & Foreign Affairs. In her free time, you can find her thrifting, shooting film photography, or on a long walk somewhere in Blacksburg!

Tanner Watson

Tanner Watson

Videographer Intern

Tanner is a Senior at Virginia Tech studying Political Science and Multimedia Journalism, and he is a Videographer and a Video Editor Intern at the Cyber Range. Tanner is a proud dog dad, loves working out, and is a big foodie who loves trying new foods.

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