We Provide

Cloud-based Infrastructure

for educators, industry, and others, allowing them to offer tailorable hands-on cybersecurity training and education.

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Our Purpose

Increase the number of skilled cybersecurity experts across all sectors.

We value customer service, ease-of-use, and innovative, cloud-based strategies to provide cyber-education and training resources.

What We Offer

We provide access to your own virtual infrastructure for online cybersecurity learning with our comprehensive cyber range platform. With administrative access to your own instance of our cyber range software, you will be able to create instructor accounts on behalf of your organization. Instructors can then create courses, enroll students, and provision exercise environments for their students.

Our platform makes it easy for you to create an immersive learning experience that better prepares students for today’s cyber threats. We provide a rich and customizable set of environments to go along with lab exercises to give students hands-on experience in cybersecurity. 

Our online capture-the-flag competition environment can be used by clubs and classes to practice and learn basic cybersecurity skills. Participating organizations will also get access to our ever-growing library of courseware and exercise materials that includes syllabi, lesson plans, presentation slides, and exercise documents, in modular format, on a variety of cybersecurity topics.


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Immersive Environments

Students can practice what they’ve learned in hands-on laboratory exercises.
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Available Anywhere

Our cloud-hosted infrastructure can be accessed from school or home.

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No Infrastructure Investment

Instructors deploy cloud-based virtual environments to students using a simple point-and-click interface.

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No Special Software

Users can log in to the U.S. Cyber Range from any device. You just need a web browser and an internet connection.

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Flexible Courseware Content

Choose any of our quality content for your course from our modules, lessons, and exercises; or create your own.

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Capture the Flag Platform

Our Jeopardy-style CTF environment offers a game-based learning experience.

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Why We Do It

Cybersecurity courses are increasing in numbers at the university level and are becoming more popular than ever in K-12 education and beyond. Hands-on skills are an important part of any cybersecurity
course; teachers and faculty will increasingly look to meet this need.

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Our History

July 2016

Virginia Cyber Range launched to support students and faculty in Virginia high schools and colleges

July 2016

January 2017

First use of the Virginia Cyber Range in Virginia colleges

January 2017

August 2017

First use of the Virginia Cyber Range in high schools

August 2017

July 2019

U.S. Cyber Range launched

July 2019

September 2019

CloudCTF launched in U.S. Cyber Range

September 2019

January 2024

UI/UX Upgrade

January 2024

Fall 2024

Advanced Environments

Fall 2024


Sharing best practices in cybersecurity education

Another goal of the U.S. Cyber Range is to facilitate a robust community of cybersecurity educators and provide venues for collaboration. Our customers share a cybersecurity community forum to collaborate on classroom resources, lesson ideas, pacing guides, and more. The annual Virginia Cybersecurity Education Conference provides customers opportunities for professional development, and to expand their networks with other educators across the country.

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